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Millions of people across the globe have writing ambitions, the Aspiration Publication was set up in 2020 to bring us all together. Maybe you’re a novelist, a journalist or a fellow blogger regardless of what you want to achieve you can find a home with our community.

I wanted to create a blog where we could all learn from one another. This isn’t another paid course on how to write a novel in 60 days or how to get published in 12 easy steps. We are all in the same boat, all in this together as aspiring writers.

This is a documentation of what many of us are trying to achieve, This is the journey of an aspiring writer, of many aspiring writers in all different shapes and sizes. In all genres and niches, in all forms and subjects. 

The Aspiration Publication is meant to function as a place where we can all pitch in with submissions, ideas, theories, interviews and a journalistic body of work for people who want to write.

Things that work for some of us writers don’t work for all of us and this blog is supposed to try and provide as much insight and clarity into that journey as humanly possible.

Writing is a beautiful gift. It’s an incredible way to reach people, and this blog is in place to try and help spread the words of our community as far and as wide as we can. 

It’s hard. Trying to get your work out there is hard as hell. The truth is that I know, as I’m sure many writers do, that I will not rest until my work is out there, until my face rests smugly on the back of that novel I’ve been dreaming about since my early teens.

No one has to pay me a dime to write this blog, it’s something I will simply do because I love it. 

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Robert KJ Cook – Creator of the Aspiration Publication


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